Feminist work in Ukraine today

Power outages, problems with drinking water, losses for fisher(wo)men who now cannot sell their caught fish, dangerous unsanitary conditions – those are only a few of the recently re-established challenges that Ukrainians face. Within the feminist framework we usually agree that any war or disaster reinforces the position of patriarchy, since a system like sexism uses the lack of resources in communities to give power to the anti-feminist arguments. Ukrainian feminists help women*, particularly older women*, who do not have enough to eat, they bring food and support emotionally. But there are difficulties in humanitarian work and sometimes even discriminations that feminist activists themselves encounter while volunteering. On the other hand we have the old and hard to solve gender based violence issue, the vulnerable position of women* and LGBTQ+ people in very unstable living and social conditions. Let us learn and talk about these things at the workshop about feminist agenda in 2023 Ukraine!

Wo: Reteko
Wann: Samstag, 26. August : - Uhr
Referent*innen: Sasha Kantser