Juko 2023 – Antifa international – Call (english)

German version

Antifa International – Call for the 8th Antifascist Youth Congress!

Once again this year, we invite you to the Antifascist Youth Congress in Chemnitz. From August 25th to 27th, 2023, we want to look beyond our borders and explore how antifascist struggles are unfolding in other countries. That’s why this year’s motto is “Antifa International.”

We are not alone in Chemnitz, Zwickau, Grimma, Wurzen, and Bautzen. People all over the world are fighting against discrimination and injustices. They are fighting against old and new Nazis, against anti-feminists who perpetrate violence against FLINTA* and queers, against the exploitation of nature, neocolonialism, and the exploitation of people. They are fighting alongside and for refugees, for spaces of freedom, and climate justice. People everywhere are facing attacks from enemies of humanity and the consequences of capitalist (exploitative) logic.

Often, our political perspective is shaped by the national framework in which we live. This can quickly lead to a monotonous practice and worn-out strategies in our political actions. That is why it is particularly worthwhile to look beyond the confines of local struggles. Because the climate crisis and capitalism do not stop at national borders, and Nazis, racists, and anti-feminists are globally connected. Therefore, local struggles against all of this must always include an international perspective. That is why we invite people who are engaged in these struggles in different countries to come together and exchange ideas about strategies, setbacks, and common perspectives.

Apart from the main theme, there will also be lectures, workshops, and input on other topics this year. The JuKo has always been and continues to be a place for mutual education, empowerment, and networking. That will be the foundation of the Antifascist Youth Congress this year as well. So, come join us and spend a great time together, and feel free to contribute on-site according to your capacities and abilities – because JuKo thrives on your participation!

Be part of it – a weekend full of input, discussion, exchange, and inspiration for your local theory and practice!