Registration for JuKo 2019 started!

Hi everyone, the registration for this years antifascist youth congress has started. For registration please use this registration form. Unfortunately the registration form can only be provided in german language, that is why we ask you to eihter use the short english translation provided in this article or request help of a german speaking friend to fill up the form.

Here comes the short translation of the registration form:

  • the first field asks you to provide a name which doesn’t have to be your real name (for privacy issues), but this name will be your and our reference if for example you intent to later cancel or alter the registration (you can do so via mail or contact form)
  • in the next field you can optionally provide an e-mail address allowing us to contact you if there are any upcoming questions
  • next comes a checkbox, if checked you tell us that you need a place to sleep during the congress
  • if you check the last checkbox, you tell us that you want to join the educational trip to Buchenwald memorial site which takes place on friday, 04th october on the whole day in parallel to the rest of the conress program
  • the last field is only spam protection and tells you to type the word JUKO in reverse

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